The IUPHAR Pharmacology Education Project site would not be possible without the contributions of the members of the international pharmacology community. Contributors to the project are listed alphabetically below. We are grateful for their support of the PEP site and their williningness to share their expertise. 

Nasir Ali Afsar (Alfaisal University, SA)

Elizabeth Davis (Monash University, AU)

Elena Faccenda (PEP Curator; University of Edinburgh, UK)

Clare Guilding (Newcastle University, UK and Malaysia)

Kelly Karpa (Pennsylvania State University, US)

Rebecca Kramer (PharmD candidate, Pennsylvania State University, US)

Willmann Liang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, CN)

Simon Maxwell (University of Edinburgh, UK)

John Peters (University of Dundee, UK)

Anthony Possanza (PharmD candidate, Pennsylvania State University, US)

John L. Szarek (The Commonwealth Medical College, US)

Leszek Wojnowski (Johannes Gutenberg University, DE)